Tuesday, February 9

Theme of the Week

Posted by Shelly Holder

Well I've finally heard back from the guys at Flat Hat about the columnist position I applied for a while back (no, the first one-- Way, way back). Anyways, no break for this journalist... guess I'll go back to my real interests in creative writing. I'm disappointed, but I've suspected this outcome for a while, so I'm doing ok generally. And I always have the second columnist job to fall back on. I just need to organize myself enough to send in the official application (still haven't done it-- FAIL Shelly Holder!)

But I'm also going to stretch myself in a new direction. The research magazine on campus wants an intern- and it's PAID! (Decision made!) So I'm going to go see what magazine publishing is like. I even get some small opportunities to write for them, so it's a great gig all around.

So it's the theme of the week- one rejection equals another opportunity. If I keep looking, I will find them. I'm being surprisingly Pollyanna-esque about everything, but it's an okay state to be in. I don't HAVE to be the jaded cynic I usually posture as. Sometimes it's okay to be optimistic.
But more enduringly, it's important to be resilient, however you choose to accomplish that. Cheerfully, or cynically, the results-- and the resume-- are still the same.

Right now:
What I'm listening to: "The Ghost and the Girl" by K.T. Tunstall
What I want most: Chinese takeout...