Thursday, February 4

If One Door Closes

Posted by Shelly Holder

... then you find another on campus newspaper to write for.

I still haven't heard back from the Flat Hat people. It's ok, because I'm exploring a slightly different option. is an online magazine for college girls, with individual satellites for each campus. My college just got a branch, so I sent an email expressing interest in writing. And guess what?!? I'm going to propose my own column. Whee!!!

I've never done such a thing; the Flat Hat was an established column with an established name and an established theme. But I get to decide all of that, for myself.

So I have decided on "Feminist Fatale:" a college girl's guide to being fabulous, fashionable, and sensibly feminist.

This is going to be styled as more of an opinion piece, not dealing heavily with political issues, but rather first person anecdotes. I want the tone to be breezy and first person, very much like this blog, but I want the topics to be real issues on campus.

But I'm having some trouble thinking of possible articles for the proposal that I need to draft up, and would like your input.

I have at the moment: a sample article reinforcing the idea that you DON'T have to settle for dating guys (or girls!) on campus, considering W&M's dismal dating scene. I also thought about doing interviews around campus about girls or feminist clubs, or professors that are pretty bad-ass. And possibly book reviews, if I ever have time to read (ha!).

But I would like to see what you guys might think of, so if you have an idea or possible topic, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me or leave a comment.

Remember, it does have to be loosely tied to colleges, college life, etc, and should be somewhat feminist in perspective. So I'll talk about fashion, but why fashion and feminism is NOT mutually exclusive. I'll talk about dating, but not to give tips or advice. I'll talk about pretty much anything, but I need to keep my theme in mind.

So, please, all you "Feminist Fatale"s out there, speak up!!

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