Monday, February 8


Posted by Shelly Holder

So just a mid-afternoon quickie-- blog that is! (get your mind out of the gutter. Jeez! You people)

I got word today that my transcription job got given away to someone. Apparently, I wasn't as "hired" as I thought I was. =/

It sometimes surprises me the very business side of writing. Not that transcriptions are writing, but it was for an author who just needed cheap student labor (hey, what can I say? I'm a growing girl with a grocery bill and out-of-state tuition) and I made the association in my mind. But this like the real business world has it's professional mishaps, and I fell (as a somewhat amused) victim to such uncontrollable events.

As predominantly a writer, I sometimes don't deal well with events that I can't control. I can control how long I write, and how often I write, and how often I submit. I can deal with uncontrollable events like rejections (or publications, but this is not quite in line with the rest of my reasoning) because I can control how I react to them. But things like being passed over based on geographical location...

I'm really ok with the decision-- I probably don't realistically have time for this job, and it opens up other opportunities (more on that tomorrow). But I guess I just really wish I could be prepared for these kind of things.

Haha- in reality, it probably boils down to: I wanted to re-engage on them, rather than them on me. Either way, I don't take on the job, but I get the prideful satisfaction that I rejected them.

Oh vey.

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