Tuesday, July 6

Author Relations

Posted by Shelly Holder

Say that you and Author X have a small but significant relationship (to you) where you've email back and forth a few times, did the whole comments on the blog thing, might even have meet at a signing or conference, and you want to take it one step further. You might have the time for it, but do they? And do they, fiercesome god/goddess of words divine,  really want to have an actual friendship, or are you just the lowly pion that is overstepping boundaries?

This question has been bothering me for some time. When authors turn into people, and not just the hands that touch the keyboard, for their readers, that's great. But the author is looking out at a vast, faceless crowd. So, how do you show that 1) the interest is real, and 2) not connected to books in the total omg fangirl sense.

I have no answers. But do you have (I don't want to say strategies because that sounds so . . . clinical) ideas for a polite, political, and non-invasive approach? Comment please!

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purplume said...

A person I respect told me that his criteria for a friend are that the friendship be effortless, most of the time and that the other person accept him like he is.

I enjoy your easy conversational style.