Monday, July 5

Synonyms Can Suck My Saki Pot

Posted by Shelly Holder

It's the author's dread nightmare. Rushing along, fully engaged in the plot, and then you lose the word you are looking for. You know the words around it. You know the words similar to it. But you don't have that word, and it derails the Muse train completely.

Alternative reoccurring nightmare.  Same scenario: rushing along, happy on the flat plained railroad track of plot lines. Suddenly, you look up, and you've used the same word in two back-to-back sentences. Or even worse, in the exact same sentence. Then you scramble, trying to find a similar word. Which context needs the original, and which context can you sub in the benched player? Does it work like you first imagined, or does it go somewhere different now? Is it better, or did it get a little more clich├ęd in here? And will somebody please fix that split infinitive!

Yep. Nightmares. This is why I say it again.

Synonyms can suck my saki pot. 

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