Saturday, March 13

Saturday Special!

Posted by Shelly Holder

Conference Part Two:

It's a special Saturday post, mainly because I dislike the symmetry of posting this on Monday. It ruins my schedule worse than a Saturday post does.

Well, my neck is NOT better. It fact, last night was probably the WORST night sleep I have ever gotten. And that, Gentle Readers, is SAYING SOMETHING.

Therefore, I made the executive decision to miss the meet & greet coffee, mainly because I'm not at the networking stage in my career and somewhat because I am picky about my coffee. I also missed the keynote speaker, because I heard him the night before. But this time, I knew exactly where I was going, so I drove to the parking lot in front of the exact building and went straight to the conference.

Of course, this is me, so the workshop was not in the main building, but in another, and I was graciously escorted to my workshop door. Late.

But someone walked in right before me, so maybe I blended into the "Delinquent Poet" crowd.

In any case, the workshop leader was stellar. I would be them when I grow up, except it was a man, and I heard those are hard to raise.

But Temple Cone... so funny. He teaches poetry at a military base... I have no clue how you manage that one, but I'm thinking about studying abroad in Annapolis now. Heh, heh.

The first session was good, with small nuggets and semi-precious stones, but the second workshop... the second workshop. I have ideas spewing out of my ears right about now.

A bonus! In honor of the special Saturday post. The humble poem that I came up with as a variation poem on W.C. Williams' "This is Just to Say":

"Sisters: Variations on Variations on Williams and Koch"

I took your new black Gucci dress
without asking

Forgive me
but I needed something to wear
on my date 

with your boyfriend.

And with that, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Right now:
What I'm listening to: Beatropolis Radio on Pandora
What I want most: no more neck pain! no more neck pain!


Rachel said...

I like the poem! Also here's hoping your neck recovers...