Wednesday, March 10

The Long Term View

Posted by Shelly Holder

For fun, because I have masochistic tendencies, I use break to figure out my life... that is graduate schools, M.F.A. vesus M.A. programs, fellowships, grants, scholarships, summer activities, etc.

Etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

It's really... stressful. Really, really, really stressful. I have so many possibilities, so many opportunities...

On the other hand, I have so many possibilities, so many opportunities. It's amazing what I can do. I'm excited and inspired to see the line of stretched-out and scheduled slots for this summer, next summer, the following summer, even the next next next summer...

Ahhhhhhhhh, amazing.

Currently there are very tenative plans for the Bread Loaf summer program next summer, if everything works out. (It never does, but whatever. I'm dreaming.)

And conferences. Oh, the conferences. Have I mentioned that I'm going to the CNU writing conference? I'm going to the CNU writing conference. In two days. On Friday. So excited! I have some really cool classes that I'm attending- Trauma in Memoir, Haiku Aesthetics, and Allusion in Poetry.

I'm also pretty much guaranteed to go to the Pennwriter's conference in May as well. They have a class on breaking into the graphic novel market-- I'm totally geeking out about this. I've secretly wanted to expand into graphic novels for about a year... we'll see how it works out. I'm thinking about taking a drawing class soon (pass/fail option of course; I don't have time to work for a grade on a drawing class. None of that.)

Anyways, exciting stuff. I should go back and work on it more. (*happy, happy, happy, happy*)

Right now:
What I'm listening to: Criminal Minds!!!!!
What I want most: conference funding, conference funding!