Thursday, March 11

Default Postions

Posted by Shelly Holder

My default conference position is black.

I did laundry in anticipation for tomorrow's conference, and found myself reaching for my "professional Young Author" outfit- black coat, black embellished tee, dark wash jeans, black pointy toed suede ankle boots. If I were sixty years older with a wart on my nose, I would resemble a witch. Maybe I still do, in the Sabrina the Teenage witch way, or the Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic way.

In any case, I wear black to be "professional chic." Always have, always do, always will. I may overshoot a little, but at least when I go, I can feel confident about my wardrobe.

Now, if I could just maybe to be confident about my writing...

Right now:
What I'm listening to: I might or might not be talking to myself. Maybe. Possibly. It might have to do with conference to-do lists. Or not.
What I want most: More black shoes. And black blouses. Preferably silk.