Friday, March 5

Geeking Out (Professionally)

Posted by Shelly Holder

It's a big step. It's not a necessary one, but it's a big, huge, thrilling step.

I bought business cards!

Business cards. For me. Saying "Shelly Holder: Author/Poet"

Once again, I have stepped over those invisible cobweb boundaries that mark the division between "student author" and "professional author." This makes, maybe, number 3452, and I believe the generally accepted final number to be 23948245834293714136457589964243452346 and 1, but hey who's countin'?

Ahem. Anyways.

This is what they look like.


Oh, pretty, pretty! 
I've wanted b-cards for, oh, FOREVER. Shameful confession follows: I got some cards printed up when I entered high school, to have to hand out to all the new friends that I would make. Considering the fact that the majority of my graduating middle school class entered the same high school, I rarely needed the cards. I also had white cursive text on a pink and blue cloud background. With a unicorn.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I burned all those. Except one that I hide in my wallet to remind myself that I am NOT, in fact, as badass as I would like to believe. To pull out and experience the humbling sense of "oh, right. Unicorns." 

Also, I still have one because well... I still like unicorns and just want to have one in my wallet. Teehee. 

Um, so where was I? Oh yeah, modern business cards. 

So if you notice, I have reigned in the rampant design element... a little. Hopefully, I can get away with this creativity since I'm, oh, a creative writer. But then, hopefully, it also displays a sense of professionalism as well. In any case, the things are ordered and they are coming, hurray, hurray! As well as matching return address labels for all the SASEs that I'm gonna send out. And a pen, to give me luck and confidence when I use it at conferences and other Big. Writing. Events (whatever they are/ if they exist). I thought about matching stationary to print all the cover letters and resumes on, but then I realized that was going too far and restricted my love for all things school supplies to a reasonable amount. 

Besides, it's saved on my account and I can go back and order it anytime. (They also have a matching mousepad-- not that I have a mouse, but if I got the iMac anytime soon then I would and in that case I would need a mousepad and maybe I should buy one for the future and and and and and and....) 

Gah. Stop me. I am like a cat high on catnip. Or Meg Ryan exalting over the smell of sharpened pencils. I go a little bit crazy with stationary.... and pens... and journals.... and envelopes... and highlighters.... and... 

Right Now: 
What I'm listening to: CSI on the telly 
What I want most: matching mousepad. Matchign stationary. Matching sticky notes.... *beams*