Tuesday, January 5

Traveling Past Ordinary

Posted by Shelly Holder

Sometimes life ignores the page and jumps right into your face. And you get caught off-guard because you have been stuck in your head thinking that the world you create is better than the world you live in.

It's not.

They say that truth is stranger than fiction but life can be more wonderful.

I won't say anything more than that--it would take away the specialness. But as a writer the event reminded me that what I create is meant to mimic the variety of life, not replace it with my words.

And I think I really needed that.

Right now:
Where I am located: a restaurant in Burlad, the only wi-fi hotspot in the entire county
What I'm listening to: some 80s power ballad from the radio
What I want most: to keep this feeling with me for a while