Monday, January 4

Successes of the Traveling Pen

Posted by Shelly Holder

Well, I just heard yesterday that my campus literary magazine Winged Nation is going to publish two of my poems in the Spring 2010 edition! "My Lovely" and "Mirror-Me, or Shadowlight" are both going to appear, so if you are a student, grab a copy, and if you are not and want one, send me a line.

This is some great news, bolstering my hopes for the rest of the year. Let make it a resolution to keep them coming, shall we?

Right Now:
Where am I: the childrens hospital in Tutova
What Im listening to: cooing, crying, and all other forms of baby cacophany
What I want most: consistant internet access


Dan said...

Congratulations Shelly!!!
we are proud of you.
Uncle Dan