Sunday, January 10

Time Travels Faster than You Think

Posted by Shelly Holder

Today's my birthday!!

Happy 21st to me.

Can't believe that I already 21. It sounds so old, and I still feel so incredibly young at some times. And then I think, "I'm only 21?" because I feel so incredibly old at some times. Therefore, all age is relative, and it's stupid to assign a number to life experience.

But one benefit of being 21 I am not enjoying at the moment- I am currently somewhere over the Atlantic, and probably fast asleep instead of drinking myself into oblivion. (I scheduled this in advance) So very sad.

Would it be weird to ask for a mimosa with my airline breakfast of fake egg and hard croissant?

Anyways, I am taking today off, because of my birthday and because of the travel. I may be around tomorrow, I may not. We'll see how things go.

So tip back a double or two in my name, and be sure to toast to my health.

Right now:
Where I am located: 30,000+ miles up, above the birds, but below the interesting stuff, like outer space
What I want most: Maybe a 7-7. Or a Lemon Drop - I've always wanted to try one of those. Or maybe something fruity like a Mai Tai or a Pina Colada. Ah, who knows. I probably will have to try them all over the next few weeks (and months).