Wednesday, September 16

Wishes and Fishes

Posted by Shelly Holder

I have found the most gorgeous idea. I'm not sure that it's practical for everyday living, but this reproduction of the Jane Austenian-era traveling desk is my current obsession. I love the polished dark wood. And the brass name plate? Ahhhh, icing on the Regency cake. Unfortunately, I can't upload a picture, but the link will take you to the website where there are plenty of pictures.

I admit, my recent win at Deadline Dame's ROD (still so excited) has given me a curious sort of lethargic energy- contented and plump for the satisfaction, lean and shrewish with the desire to win more contests, especially ones structured in the manner of ROD. So I have been scouting around the internet (wonderful beast that it is) and I have found myself extremely discontent with the websites that I've found. An early object in life was "Appearance is the #1 feature to make a sale," and I find it still holds true in everything. So when I look at a potential resource, I want to see a professional, organized website. Unfortunately, most of the sites I stumble across do not have that sort of navigability, and I often dismiss them without further ado. The sites themselves may be very worthy, and full of valuable information, but the appearance gives a different impression, and that impression is the key operative in a internet-driven world. So tonight I again resolve to make my blogs and my website the ultimate resource for new writers, the sort that I wish that I could have found long ago.

Incidentally, I have found a few monthly contests that look promising, but my favorite might always be ROD. The deadline for ROD #7 is today at midnight, and I determined as a matter of principle to enter again, even if the likelihood of winning twice in a row is zil. However, I had fun writing, and more importantly, I wrote.

I was fiercely determined not to judge Caleb for his beat up matchbox of a car, because, after all, this was my first ever make-out session. On the other hand, this was my first make-out session EVER, and I deserved to be able to tell my grandkids that it was somewhere cooler than in this trashed Pinto, even if it was with legend hottie Caleb Jones. Who was currently sitting next to me, barely 6 inches away (cramped cars are good for something!), and looking extremely... hot. As per usual. I tried to not to fidget in anticipation, but my skirt had hiked up when I climbed in, and now looked on the shady side of trashy, winter tights or no. Which was not the impression I wanted to give, even if I was shamelessly only sitting here in order to get kissed. A multiple number of times. Hopefully.

Please, God, if you exist, can't you see fit to give me a little bit of action?

Right Now:
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What I want most: More ROD-like contests. Do you know any? Leave me a comment!