Tuesday, September 15

Publishing Empire

Posted by Shelly Holder

I believe that I have mentioned before (several times) that my goal is to really become a daily resource for all writers out there. I remember, quite vividly, a time when all I had to look forward to was the daily posting by some of my favorite authors. My day revolved around those posts, and if they were late, or delayed in any way, I was devastated. When they reappeared, I was beyond ecstatic. I counted days and marked my calender for special events... sometimes just as simple as an author interview, or an intriguing topic, or a contest deadline. But those dates mattered to me, which gave me something to look forward to in a period of my life when there not many happy things to look forward to. And I resolved then, as I resolve now, to provide the same sort of service to other writers, and other teenagers, and to other people no matter their situation in life, who need a little something special to look forward to daily.

So I present "Wordsworth Station," my newest blog. It is merely a place to find daily writing prompts, but I hope and pray that someday someone will find it as special and meaningful in their life as I have been privileged to have it in mine.