Monday, September 28

Geeking Out

Posted by Shelly Holder

As of my Friday's post, I was rather frustrated with the general trend in my education. I've been musing over the weekend on a particular quote of Mark Twain's that I read many years ago:

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

The version in my head was a lot more derogatory and more suited to my discontented mood (read: frustrated desire to go see The Nutcracker Ballet and Carmen,) but the emotion was the same and I still find his remark apt. And I still find it hard to find the patience to sit down to my homework tonight when I know there are other opportunities that I'm missing. Visibly missing, as I watch the pages in my calender turn, and the expectant pink highlighted hours go by without me stirring from my desk chair.

I'm still working on that part, but today I got to geek out a little, with a breath of new interests and new quests for information.

I went into my cultural anthropology professor with a one sentence question, and expected a one sentence answer. Instead I came out with four books, one physically clutched in my greedy little paws. I decided that I would take a break, and sat outside for around a hour, reading the introduction and authors' bios, finding five other titles, two professors, and one Institute to research.

If I have time (that's always the kicker) but I'm choosing this time to focus on my academic interests and their correlation to writing (portrayal of the indescribable, the role of memory, trauma and healing in writing, writing as an escape, etc... both the academic and creative aspects of these issues) and the happiest that this sort of exploration brings me.

And the sheer ability to geek out.