Friday, September 25

Library Love

Posted by Shelly Holder

I love libraries. There is something special about each and every library, whether it's the smallest basic collection or the mega modern public libraries or the gorgeous rare collections with stained glass and leather chairs. It must be something in the air that evaporates from the very pages of the books. The library can be functional to the point of minimalistic, and I am still enchanted, still transported into a rosy-hued world.

It's something in the air.

When I visited the Boston Public library, I got lost, and spent an uncomfortable half-hour in the Reading Room. It was gorgeous, it had character, and it had oodles of history... but it had few books, and I felt constrained by the atmosphere. I escaped... and I found the real library.

I literally stepped over the threshold and a kind of euphoria washed over me. All the tension from the Reading Room were completely erased. And I might have freaked out a bystander or two with my uncontrollable smiling.

When I walked into the regional library here near campus, a brief stop to pick up a volunteer application. I didn't step beyond the check-out desk, didn't get near any books, but same effect.

I love libraries.

I think it might be a cool idea to travel around the world and review all the great libraries. Go city to city, spend a few days at each... same way that I want to take a yacht and visit every coast country.

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Rachel said...

oh man, a expedition would be amazing! I love libraries. I love the WRL. When I realized the potential for libraries after the crappy one in my hometown, I was soooo happy! yay :)