Monday, June 15

Revising ...

Posted by Shelly Holder

I can't spend much time here today. I've spent all my "break" time and far beyond revising a short story of mine. I'm really satisfied... that I revised it. Not with the short story. But at least it's at the stage where it can go on in the writing process- hidden in a drawer for another year, sent out to a few people to read, scribbled on, and just all around, in general revised.

So that's one.

Now for another, oh 50 or so to establish a career? Yikes.

So I can't stay long here today. I do need to write a creative non-fiction piece for tomorrow's class, as well as some various sundry things. I had a contest deadline that I missed today. I had the poems, but they weren't revised the way I would be comfortable with, so I allowed the deadline to go by. But that also means on the next one I have to kick butt!

Therefore, I can't stay long today. I have a poem started in front of me that I'm vaguely satisfied with. I can see the bones, but the flesh and blood and skin are not there yet. However, I feel that I can work those in if I 1) let it percolate a little, and 2) revise. I feel like I am achieving a more mature style in my own voice, which I am really excited about. Not like I'm doing growing, but the revisions on that short story show me that "Yes, I can achieve a polished piece... after revision."

So I really can't stay long here today. I need to do all this creative writing, as well as regular work for my professors. It's really interesting how I am stimulated by being busy, and work better in such a setting.

Therefore, I don't have the time to stay long here today.

But apparently, I can wiggle my way out of anything.

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: Alkaline Trio's "In Vein"
What I want most: Food! I'm hungry.


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