Wednesday, June 17

Slippery Little S.O..... Angel

Posted by Shelly Holder

I have never had a harder time pinning down a character in my life.

I sit down to write a scene- fine. My character comes out perfectly clear. I sit down to fill a character info sheet, one for class no less, and static. The scenario is a little like this:

Me: ... uh, her nickname is [retracted].
Hair Color?
Me: 0_0
Eye Color:
Me: Zomg.
Relationship with father?
Me: Does she have a father? (*fail*)

Also, get this. I can't picture the mother in this story-- so I have to go to the internet and print out a picture of some actress.

I hate relying on a picture. It limits me. I get stuck imagining the character with certain expressions and gestures, when that doesn't necessarily fit their personality. Argh.

And this stupid character bio is due tomorrow, isn't it? Oh, yes, yes it is.

It's gonna be a long night yo.

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: The Corrs "Spencil Hill"
What I want most: my Muse to kick in or something. Actress photos! Argh...