Monday, June 1

Argh, Summer Summer

Posted by Shelly Holder

I am trying not the rant and rant about my new bright shiny policy of weekends off, but honestly it saved my butt this time. Between flying cross-country on Saturday and moving into the dorm on Sunday, I was beat. And writing really had no chance. 

I'm now at summer school, which means fun! in the form of classes, research, and other random academic things. Thankfully, the class I'm taking is intro to creative writing, and my research and my job both are English related. And I'm eyeballing this really really amazing internship, but I'm determined not to jinx it by saying anything. So that's hush, hush for now. But damn, I want that internship. 

Anyways, how can I only now be taking an intro level class? In the very thing that I want make my career? Well... it's not my first class, although probably the first accredited one. And really, it's all about building a portfolio, not learning the basics. Even if re-visiting the basics is a very wise thing to do.  So we'll just see where all this goes. 

No more news for today. Several interests have coalesced into the firm conviction that I really really am a horrible, lazy, no-good writer for not having a genuine portfolio. So I'm off to WORK now (ehehe) and tackle that nasty slush pile. And get my writer's butt in gear. 

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: Dido "Don't Believe in Love"
What I want most: New books to read. But I must work.