Tuesday, June 2

Busy Busy Bubblebee

Posted by Shelly Holder

This writer has been running errands all day. That's want happens when you get a car. Suddenly, all those excuses for procrastination just magically float away. And you are left with a to-do list a mile long, a steadily increasing pile of bills, and only an hour or so to complete it all. Sigh.

Sometimes it's hard being an adult.

Ehehehehe. What am I saying? I LOVE having a car! Today I got some many literary things done, I'm so excited for what I can do in the future.

First, I went to Barnes and Nobles. Uh, hello? Excellent! So I bought my creative writing textbook, and another text from the creative writing class one shelf over that I'm not taking, called On Writing Well. Then, the cashier invites me to a local critique group. I'm excited about that. I'm not sure that I'll actually go, although I want to. I think I might grab a wingman from the English majors still on campus first.

Then next I swung by the local library to sign up and get my library card. I walked in the door, and ... instant happiness. And then I asked for a volunteer form. =)

Then I went to my creative writing class. I'm really excited to see where this goes, and what I can do with it myself. I hope for really good things!

Then on Saturday I'm going to go to a poetry reading at a different library in the area. So that's quite a lot! And I think that I'll have to sign out, and go catch up on my beauty sleep. The Muse doesn't like looking haggard.

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: Molly Marlette "Constantly"
What I want most: to be really productive