Wednesday, May 6

ROD results, and Determination!

Posted by Shelly Holder

So Deadline Dames released their ROD contest results today. Unfortunately I didn't win. Or even make it to the finalists. I'm bummed, but I'm also determined to enter the new ROD. I want to continue with this particular writing contest, so one day I can say that I won. Since it reoccurs every month, I figure it's also a really great training exercise. I like the new image, so I'm thinking that I'll continue the story line from my entry into the new piece. 

And so I'm giving you a treat! I'm posting my entry from ROD #2 here! And I would love any comments on the structure of the piece. I experimented with italics and punctuation. I hope you enjoy!


Running.  A pause, filled with harsh panting breaths.  Then running. Always running. And thoughts—mine? <>

But I was fading into colorlessness. I needed recharging, before… well, just before.  

            Stumbling, growing frantic, I went from alley to alley, searching for the thick dark pulses of London, locked away in sluggish Veins underneath her streets. I collapsed onto the first artery; small and twisted—it was enough. I pulled out the now useless keyboard, but reverently handled Ecstasie, the skul… no, the anchor. I managed a deep breath, and then I sunk into *her*

            I felt *her* power seeping from the anchor, spreading in fingers of prismed lightening from my fingers and up my arms, slowing expanding over my body, over the dirty and wet cobblestones, over the keyboard pieces. I felt *her* power pass over my face.

            And I felt *her* terrible and exacting price. Icy perfection stole up from my neck to cover the lower half of my face. The veil that divided humanity from Other fluttered a little, and settled back with an open gap to peer through. It had pulled back even little further this time.

            I felt familiar tugging of the Teacher on my soul, always present at these times, that harsh reminder of who—and what—I had become. I pushed memory back, back behind the expanses of time and oceans I had crossed to escape that life. I could ignore the past for a little while longer.

Maybe. Because… <<What have you done now?>> 

Right Now:

What I'm listening to: The Album Leaf  "On Your Way"

What I want most: To win ROD #3!!!!