Saturday, May 2

Revisit of the Debate

Posted by Shelly Holder

The Kindle 2 was released this week! 

I'm excited, even though I don't have any interest in purchasing the Kindle. I just like some of the features of the Kindle, namely the instantaneous download without a computer. You just order straight from the Kindle. But I haven't had a chance to play with a Kindle, and I would like the opportunity. There are some buttons that I would like some explanations for. Anyways, I have been thinking of switching over to a Kindle, ever since I switched over to a Mac computer, which isn't compatible with the Sony eReaders (*cries!!!*) I had around 75 books on my eReader that now I can't access. (*madface*) However, I think that I will just stick with B&N's website for now. I know that it limits my travel options, as I found out coming back from spring break, and a hand-held would get rid of all those problems, but the thought of spending another $300 when I already have an eReader just makes me cringe. Plus, I haven't decided if I'm going to completely boycott Amazon because of their AmazonFail disaster. I haven't bought anything from them since then (not like I was a big fan in the first place) and so I'm thinking of just continuing with B&N out of principle. 

Plus, there is rumors floating around about a roll-up eReader. I took a look at it, but was not impressed. However, it does show that the eReader format is not stagnant, and with new technologies like the iPhone improving all the time, I think I'll just wait a few years to get that really cool eReader that I know is coming. haha

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