Sunday, March 1

Snowy Sundays and the Sometimes Power of Inspiration

Posted by Shelly Holder

So it's snowing tonight in Virginia, and because our ancient campus is outraged that snow could actually ever occur on THEIR CAMPUS (college founding fathers speaking) the electricity has revolted and succeeded from the Union. So the power is out, and I need to type fast, 1) to post in time, but more importantly 2) to get my paper done before my battery dies!!!!!!! 0_0

Today's topic is a (small, hopefully) rant about a comment I happened to read on another writer's website. This comment said (something to the effects of) "I'm glad your website offers more than just how-to-write like most author's pages." 

I felt vaguely offended. 

I understand the importance of having a writers community with subjects wider than just how-to-write, that has other resources, whether it involves commiserating, general goofiness, the ins-and-outs of publishing, or whatever, but really in the end it all boils down to How-To- Approach-the-Writing-Career, and honestly, that's all based on how-to-write. There is no writing career if you can't write well. 

And all those authors that just got snubbed are taking valuable time out of busy BUSY schedules to offer a little bit of advice, that no mattter who you are, you can benefit from. It's like dismissing Beethoven because he talks about how to compose "just like every other wannabe hack in the music biz". Um, no! 

And sure, there are a ton of people out there who are inflated with their own importance, who offer advice but can't follow through themselves, who are annoying nuisances to writers and readers alike. They exist. They should be avoided- because likely, they aren't published either, and why waste your time? A published author knows exactly what's going on in the writing biz, and the writing advice they offer is the stuff that gets them a paycheck and a shelf in the bookstore. 

Writing is a solitary pursuit, I get that. And sometimes you need a connection to the bigger picture. I get that too. I want more than just grammar rules as well. But if you can't take the isolation and if you don't love the grammar, why then are you a writer??? 

Anyways, I would write more, but I really do need to get that paper down. So maybe look back to this post later. I might expand on the theme...... when I have the time, that is?

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: Nothing. 
What I want most: Paper done, Thursday over, and a nice comfy bed that I don't have to get out of for at least a week.