Saturday, February 28

Rainy Day Musing

Posted by Shelly Holder

There is a torrential downpour happening outside my window, and I sit inside, huddled away from the wet and the cold, trying desperately to stay focused on homework when all I really wanna do is curl up in a shawl with some hot tea and a book by the window and watch the rain.

But I can't, I have midterms and papers, and so ever on, ever on! So I'll pacify the literary side by writing a post.

As you've probably infered, this week doesn't allow much wiggle room for extras and luxuries. So I kept telling my Muse, but she doesn't seem to want to listen, and temptingly dangles ideas in front of me. To stave off the Muse while also accomplishing All That Needs To Be Done, I've created a challenge for myself. Ideas are allowed, but must be written down on a Post-it note. A challenge is to see how many Post-its I can place on my wall this week. The real challenge is to immediately forget the Creative Vision, and be able to move on, go back to studying. This basis behind the whole challenge is the immediate purging of all distractions, wrapped up in some pretty self-propaganda. Pretty much, it works. And the yellow post-its actually look pretty cheerful above my bed and running up the wall. I'd leave them up after each night of furious blathering, but I'm afraid my roommate will look close at some of the stickys, and become afraid at the ones that say like "Let it burn" and "A. kills B. for grant money." lol

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: Nothing
What I want most: Ugh, don't even get me started.