Tuesday, March 3

Kindle the Temptation...

Posted by Shelly Holder

So I've recently switched over to a Mac computer (best decision of my life!) but found out that sadly I am unable to continue using my Sony eReader, as it's not compatible. So I've been looking for alternatives of any sort-- I found a great website, that doesn't require any sort of device at all, but I've also been looking at the Kindle, and I have to admit, I'm greatly tempted. 

When I was first shopping around, I read reviews that said the Kindle was designed mostly for newspapers and magazines, and I said "Nah, that's not for me," but as we know, my obsession with magazines has grown, and I almost would buy it on that point alone. But what really drives me is the discovery that Barnes and Nobles and Amazon.com DON"T STOCK THE SAME BOOKS!!! (who knew? I was so shocked!) I went on B&N to find a new author I was interested in, and they didn't stock her, at all. I was so confused, until I had the epiphany- two companies, two stocks! Which actually kind of makes me mad, although logically I know it shouldn't be so affecting. So the availability of products is one incentive, and the instantaneous download is another huge one. No more synching, no more searching for cords, no more tangled cords or lost or unknown application cords, no more compatibility issues... just instantaneous downloads, and from the Kindle WiFi. I know I would have a hard time keeping my hands off in class- but on the bus, on the plane? Seriously tempting. 

Plus, I would really like a handheld device again. The plane ride back from Spring Break was a little ridiculous, trying to manipulate the Fictionwise website so that I had access to all the books I wanted, and taking care of the computer and the stow-away tray, and the... yeah. Hand-held would be nice. 

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What I want most: I think, the Kindle