Sunday, March 22

The Post on Planning that was Planned but Not Posted?

Posted by Shelly Holder

Hi all. 

This has been a crazy crazy crazy month. I can't even say how absolutely insane it's been. Which means that my posts... well. You know about my posts. Few and far between is - kind, to say the least. I've refused to give in to the homework overload, though, and I have been using that nifty little program that saves drafts to be posted on the creation date. So awesome! It's been saving my behind. 
Anyways, another aspect of Operation: Revenge Against Homework Drudgery! has been to plan, and plan obsessively in my little writing calender. I have all the posts there, planned out in neat handwriting, but no posts. =( And worse yet, no time to write the posts for another.... oh, gag I don't even want to know. 
Anyways, enough rambling. (Although, it ties in, I promise) 

My big Epiphany of the Week! Planning really is the key to everything. 

I find it so much easier to sit down today and write this blog, even with the chaos of my life swirling uneasily behind my chair, because I have taken the time to plan the topic beforehand, and that cuts down on my overall time spent writing here (instead of writing on that paper due tomorrow). If I know what I want to speak about, the words flow easier, and I don't spend 45 minutes to an hour humming and hawwing in contemplation.  The planning organizes my thoughts, and therefore the thoughts come more readily when I write. This applies to my blog, my writing in general, and my (gulp) homework. I can think of stories in the back of my mind because I have planned the subject, and I just need to build the details. I can browse the internet for links that apply to my blog posts, in five to ten minute increments, because I have planned ahead and don't have to bust out something in 30 minutes or less, which results in rambling confusion and unsupported statements. And I really don't need to elaborate on the homework thing. 

It applies to everything. 

Planning is the key to everything. 

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: "We Will Not Grow Old" by Lenka
What I want most: the paper to be finished. sigh. sigh.