Wednesday, March 18


Posted by Shelly Holder

Today, I'm happy. 

I'm happy that I have officially completed filled up my backpack scribbles mini-journal, and I have initiated a new one. 20 odd pages, front and back, of scribbles, yay! 

I'm happy that I've been fairly prolific these past two/three days. Without intention. Amazing...

I'm happy that I have new writing goals for myself- and ones that are defined, like "I will write [x,y, and z] instead of my previous goals of "I will publish". Definition is the key my friend. Set goals, constantly reviewed. 

And I'm happy that I have a set plan for school course schedules for the summer and the fall. Surprising no English classes, which makes me- well, happy. I'm hoping that taking away that constant literary stimulus will cause me to seek it in creative writing, and not reading. We'll see!

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: "Call N Return" by Hellogoodbye
What I want most: fruit. I need to make a grocery run.