Tuesday, March 10

Breathe and Count to Ten...

Posted by Shelly Holder

...because the internet is not always your best friend. 

Several posts ago, I went on a bit of a rant about how one blog comment strikingly did offend me, and I've come to rather regretting the instant accessibility to the web and shooting off my mouth without stopping to think about what I'm saying. I could have got into a lot of trouble over it. Or, instead, let's say that their could be serious consequences from such actions. I didn't experience anything this time, but that doesn't mean next time I'll be so lucky. (I have a phobia about consequences, usually because I always have to face them head on in the most unpleasant manner.)

So on the topic of inappropriate blogging habits, here's an article on writer-reader interactions. Lately, this subject has popped up all OVER the place, and I'm really bemused by all the literary-- well, drama (to use a very high school-ish term, but surprisingly, it's very apt.) Writers here and there up in arms over some new Internet controversy. It's funny and ridiculous and sad and so many things going on at once...

With blogging there has to be a certain amount of interaction between the two parties, but sometimes, of course, that can step over lines. What are the rules for blogs, a personal, instantaneous means of communication, but frequently used in the professional sense? It really is confusing, and my mind is drawing parallels to the situation when the phone or email became commonplace in society (I've been reading some old etiquette books written right after the invention of the portable telephone-- remember those old brief case phones? Well, not me personally, but I've seen movies...-- and the fax machine. It's really been a hoot to look at those books. Apparently, they used the fax machine like email, for fast communication, and wrote personal notes to one another's home machines, like invitations to parties, etc) It's like we don't know what the boundaries are, and are only finding out after that boundary has been crossed. 

Oh, blogging...

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