Friday, March 13

Salt Mines and Schoolwork

Posted by Shelly Holder

Well today I finally browbeat my conscious back into "real life mode"- a.k.a. life when there is no time to read four books day, does require actual work done on that homework sitting next to my elbow, and also needs real blog posts actually posted. Just because you have a nifty little program that  allows you to cheat by writing later but posts to the original date whispers her of the good morals does NOT mean that you are actually posting- or writing at all. 


So here I am, butt in the chair, and a whole hour wasted browsing Barnes and Nobles online. (But it's research, I whine. Haha liar, she whispers back. Get going.

So, spring break progress. 


Well nothing definite. More scribbles -last night I used up almost a whole small sized memo pad, which made me very happy. More expanded readings, which is introducing me to new concepts if not actually adding to my productivity. A reaffirmation that I want to write literary YA novels, and a inkling of the literary genre in general, which is a big departure from the strictly sci-fi/fantasy that I thought I wanted to do... gagh, less than a year ago? Oomph. Just one of those years. 

Anyways, the website is still down, but hopefully after today's consultation with the resident family Techno-dude that will all be sorted out. I considered setting up a word-o-meter to see how much Im getting written, but 1) I don't have the know-how, and 2) even if I did ask the Techno-dude, do I really want that kind of blinking red light of procrastination shoved in my face? Sigh. I probably need it. 

Other interesting topics that I thought about these past few days can be found on the Cheating Posts, up soon. (*drags self into responsible mode*)

Sigh. Back to the salt mines. 

Right Now: 
What I'm listening to: Nothing
What I want most: More spring break!!