Tuesday, November 11

Take Two Cups of Coffee and a Magazine

Posted by Shelly Holder

So I have been lately obssesed with magazines. All kinds of magazines, from Vogue and Elle and Harper's Bazzaar to Newsweek and the New Yorker to National Geographic and Smithsonian to Bon Appetit to Ellery Queen and Rosebud. I'm regularly buying them all right now, especially because I've been on vacation and needed reading material for the plane rides. But I've realized my very real need for a daily stimulant. A reading checklist of sorts, for all the serial-esqe publications out there. This need started with an online manga site (haha yes I read it) that I would check back with about every other day. Then I progressed to the blogs of several professional authors, one of which was Lillith Saintcrow, who also on her website published her serial story "Selene" 3 times a week. Then came the fan-fiction site I found for a favorite TV show, which also because a regular oocurance. All these I could plan for, for I knew which day to anticipate something new and interesting. But now, Saintcrow's "Selene" has ended, along with the fan-fiction, and I have tired of (or over-indulged) in the manga, and I suddenly find myself lacking in all weekly treats. Of course, there are benefits, for I have come back to writing this blog, a reverse side of that missing daily routine. I'm starting my own serial story, again a reverse side to my dearth of daily stimulants. But while the creative side of this need is fulfilled, I'm stick lacking in the input section. So I've turned to magazines, which while not always weekly, are at least so numerous in topic and title, as well as providing greater girth, are generally succeding in getting me through each month. It's better than rotting in boredom. Who knows? Maybe I'll even break down, go political, and suscribe to a newspaper.

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: a new artist I literary just discovered (15 minutes ago) People in Planes. Supposedly they're indie rock, which seems contradictory. Isn't indie the definition of folksy, accostic type music? Anyways, check out songs "Mayday (M'iadez)" and "Pretty Buildings"
What I want most: A glass of water.... (but that means that I have to get out of bed and walk all the way to the kitchen.... sigh)