Sunday, November 9

Moleskine is the New Leather...

Posted by Shelly Holder

No, I'm not talking about the newest trend in Vogue. It's the literary love of my life and a product that any bestseller-destined dreamer should invest in. Moleskine is the creater of a line of journal, sketchbooks, and calenders for the artistically minded. Started way back when (I think the 1700s, but I lost the info sheet that comes with every purchase) it became the favorite of the famous like Hemingway, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Chatwin-recommendations to beat all others! Moleskine has a wide range of stuff to fit all eccentric starts and bursts- they even have nifty little books with composition sheets for the musical. And to state again, it is my current obsession.
The notebooks come in all different sizes and functions, hardback and softcolor, red, blue or black. I enjoy the pocket ones, which I literally pull out of my pocket to jot my inspirations. One journal to each novel that I'm "writing", and another with blank cartoon scene panels for unrelated lightbulbs. And it's great because the journal have a small pocket at the back to put loose leaf items in, and a stretch band that snaps the journal closed.
Moleskine also publishes a cool little item called CityNotebooks (or similar) that are essentially write- your-own-travel-guide. I got one for Boston when I visited, and thought it worked pretty good. Remeber that fabulous hole-in-the -wall restaurant or the back alley baragain shopping boutique. (Oh my! The alliteration. Too tired, not enough creativity. I applogize.)
Lately, I've been obsessing over getting of the weekly calenders, so that I can write down all my literary due dates in a single centralized location. I went today to B&N, but unfortunately didn't find what I wanted. I settled for a different calender that will work perfectly well, unable to wait another day and look at a different store, but I know my heart is still fixed on that red hardback Moleskine.

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: Taylor Swift's "Lucky You", the first song she wrote, at age 12! The jealousy is consumming me alive.
What I want most: To be able to write something like that someday....