Saturday, November 8

Back From...

Posted by Shelly Holder

Well, my AWOL notice has been flapping on my front door for quite some time now, but I promise, it was practically unavoidable. See Mark Wahlburg in the character of Bob Lee Swagger came to my front door needing help and a nice big hug....or more in the guise of that guy from the Italian Job, where he goes to Charlise Theron's office all out of the blue (because I'm a blonde, not a redhead, so I would probably choose the latter scenario). Haha. Ok, no, actually, I've been doing some wicked medical treatments, but I'm all better now (9 months later, with many AWOL notices) so the blog is hopefully (cross your fingers) back up and running. I admit to a noticable and lamentable lack of literary topics for future discussion, but I figure I can babble on about nothing if I need to; I usually do regardless. =)

But I HAVE figured a few things out, and the first thing that I 'm starting a serialization story on my website. I got the idea from author Lillith Saintcrow, who posted her serial "Selene" on her website thrice-weekly. (Go there. She's got a great blog, full of interesting things for everyone and tips for writers. Plus, she has like three years of daily postings; the woman has amazing self discipline and inspiration.) Ambitious as I am, I doubt that I'm that prolific, so I'm thinking just a once a week posting, but if it goes good, maybe I'll bump it up. I'm also thinking Mondays, because Mondays are usually bare of good things to look forward to.

Promise, promise I'll be back tomorrow- I actually have an idea of what to write, so I'm dying to write about it now. But I'm forcing myself to put it in a proper post tomorrow instead of just a P.S. to this one. (*pats back*) Alright, well then, tomorrow!

Right now:
What I'm listening to: Dido's new single "Don't Believe in Love" (can't wait for the release of her new ablum- ETA November 18th!)
What I want most: A red leather, hardbound Moleskine 2009 calender (and the subject of tomorrow's post!)