Thursday, May 1

Descriptive Deja Vu

Posted by Shelly Holder

Have you ever had the feeling that you've read an author before, even though you don't recognize the author name or the title or even the plot line? But somehow, the narrative tone, the characters and the descriptive style all feel familiar as breathing, like slipping back into bed or finding an old worn sweater? Initially it's a little weird, a little different, but a minimal bit of adjustment and it seems like time has ended, or turned back upon itself.

Anyways, last night I read a book that felt like this. It's a debut novel, so I haven't read him before. And it's a relatively new release (when I bought it that is, haha, but I haven't touched it since then) so I know I didn't read it in the library and then pick it up in Barnes and Nobles. I didn't start it and not finish. I didn't know the author's name from somewhere else, I didn't recognize the character names, I didn't remember the plot after twenty pages or so, but I felt like I knew these characters. I felt like I knew their world and everything about them and it. It was like deja vu, but stronger. It was the weirdest feeling. The genre isn't even particularly my thing, so I didn't read a copy-cat or get so inundated by genre stereotypes that the style felt familiar. And it only happened after I got a good way into the book, yet it wasn't "Hey, I'm halfway into this novel and I'm really getting into the setting." No it was more like recognition of an old friend that had gotten a haircut and a face lift. The outside was different but the inside, the structure, was the same.

It really was the oddest thing.

I'd write more, but my battery is dying. Sigh. The Agonies of a Young Author... or any lazy teenager that doesn't want to get outta bed to plug in her computer. Funny how similar those things are. =)

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