Thursday, March 13

On Feeling Californian

Posted by Shelly Holder

Today for me was a deviation from the norm of my academia life squirrelled away in my dorm closet, and despite the sunburn currently itching it way along my back and arms, I'm quite happy with the four hours that I spent outside enjoying the uncommon sunny weather. After class I changed into my most summery skirt and the cutest cami I haven't touched in months, let down my hair, grabbed flip-flops and my books and headed outside to "play at being Californian". I deliberately aimed at the quintessential "California" look, the very typically beachy atmosphere- lying on my stomach, books all spread out and for the most part ignored, with the blonde hair everywhere and the iPod and the shoes discarded to one side while my feet stuck up in the air. And I think I achieved it really really well- my roommate didn't recognize me when I waved at her. =) And I just sat enjoying the mildness of the day. Of course, translated, that means I spent most of my time chatting with friends and obviously I wasn't terribly productive (and I'm paying for it now-this is a mental break from my agonizing paper that due 11 am tomorrow -sigh) but I'm ultimately happy with the insights I made and the melatonin that I soaked up. And with the very nice picnic-esqe dinner that reflected my California mood- sushi and pita bread with hummus, apples and cheese for dessert, sprinkled throughout with my iced coffee drink. And I realized that although I may wish for an atmosphere of European chic with the theater and multi-course dinner, but really California via Virginia with Alexander Pope's Rape of the Lock and a multi-course picnic really isn't a bad alternative.

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: Nothing, but Taylor Swift's "Teardrops On My Guitar" is runnning through my head
What I want most in the world: To go to bed (I don't even care about the paper, I just want sleep)