Wednesday, March 12

No Mere Writer's Block

Posted by Shelly Holder

Today unfortunately, I set out with no real topic in mind. In fact I feel I have nothing whatsoever to say. Probably because I have been straining every nook and crevice of my creative mind to come up with ideas for this paper of mine due Friday. Alas, both my paper and my blog are suffering. My mind seems to deal well with the stress. "Go ahead and surf Facebook for an hour and a half, you deserve it. Youtube all you want. Refill on that soda? Sure, you haven't been that hungry anyways. A Payday bar? Why not, you're gonna go back to the gym after this paper turned in..." The only thing that I seem to have avoided doing is my actual paper. Make bed (check). Organize desk (check). Write a lengthy blog with no real topic in mind when the original plan was to apologize briefly for my lack of creativity and self-discipline (check check). Ah, sigh.

So that was the plan. I was also going to declare that from now on, each blog will include two points of interest at the conclusion. One, what music I'm currently listening to (Finding Me by Vertical Horizon) because all my favorite authors do it now in their own blogs and heaven knows that I do not want to be considered "out" of the professional author circle. The second, what it is that I want most in the world right at the moment of blogging (Advil and a Payday bar, plus a really really good robotic paper writer that's guaranteed to get me an A. No, an A+. And a massage.) And I was going to declare my intention, in light of yesterday's post, that on my website, I would include a page that had really incredibly detailed summaries of books that haven't been considered "worthy" by SparkNotes and all the rest when they really should (read: when I really really regretted that I couldn't study for my Brit Lit midterm because I hadn't read Jospeh Andrews and it wasn't on SparkNotes, so I had to buy the movie version and watch it). SO! Sometime in the not to distant procrastinating future, you shall find book reviews of Joseph Andrews and Villette and Sherman Alexie and all my other "poor unfortunate souls" that have been neglected by SparkNotes unfairly. And my book reviews will kick butt, hardcore. Believe me. I'm a writer.