Sunday, March 16

Apology: Defense of a Writing Mediocrity

Posted by Shelly Holder

I freely confess. I will not deny it. This is my statement, my testimony, my guilty plea, my sentence.

I am a horrible person.

I missed writing a blog for two whole days, and I apologize. Not because I am deluding myself with the idea that someone out there is waiting eagerly everyday to hear my rambling and often juvenile opinions that have been said before in a much more elegant manner. And not because I think that ten years down the road when my name might finally be recognized and pursued to the level of reading this blog that someone will gasp and say "She missed two days of writing!" But more because ...... well, just because. I had no valid excuse. I even planned the topic for Friday's post: why i enjoyed the thought of a career in writing so much was because it allowed me to role-play in every other career that I had the tiniest spark of interest in without all the stress and draw-backs of actually practicing in that profession. Trouble is, I seem to have issues with the draw-backs of a writing career, namely procrastination and laziness. When you free-lance for a living, you have the opportunity to royally screw yourself without immediate reprocussions. So Friday spiralled into Saturday, and the only reason that I am here today on Sunday is that I have a paper due tomorrow that has yet to be written. Even with immediate reprocussions, my procrastination still gets the upper hand. So, I would love to stay and explicate upon my convulted mental processes that all deal with writing, but that Sherman Alexie book is glaring reproachfully at me from the neglected corner of my desk. Sigh. The agonies of a college student.

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: Nothing, but Natasha Bedingford's song "Love Like This" ft. Sean Kingston is cycling through my head
What I want most: Somehow magically to become organized in life (read: stop procrastinating)