Monday, September 20

Secret Mistress

Posted by Shelly Holder

So I have recently finished a completely empowering, you-go-girl, popular-fiction-is-not-a-crime kind of article. Here's the thing though-- with all my bravado, I still treat fiction as my secret mistress. It's the passion I get on the side while loyalty still remains with poetry.

The kind of fiction I write is not conclusive to the contests on literary magazines that I would submit my poetry to. My poetry is much more high-brow than my fiction (well, mostly). Still, that doesn't mean I lack ambition for my fiction. I do want to have it published, and I do want people to read it-- it's just stepping out a little and admitting to both at the same time. Especially in professional (day job) settings.
           *Yes, I write about pretty flowers and zombies.*

I cringe a little when I think about turning in my resume or showing up to a job interview. How do you make popular fiction credible to the literary (slash and/or snooty) crowd? When you live in (and for) academia, what strategies of reconciliation can you use to balance both sides (of yourself)? And how do you advocate something that (even) you (yourself) are ashamed of?

I don't like this trait. But I'm also not sure what to do about it.

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