Tuesday, September 21

The Pro/Con List

Posted by Shelly Holder

I spent last night (this morning? lol) researching MFA programs. Even though I have a few years, the frenzy that my friends have just finished has inspired me (or terrified me) into getting a head start. Of course, that has stirred up a whole list of issues on its own.

As I said in yesterday's post, I have this thing about admitting up to my popular fiction habits. I write it all the time, but putting it on a resume or talking about it in a job interview sends me into embarrassed shivers.

And the thought of applying to Seton Hill's popular fiction program--

-- very enticing.

But also, not enticing.

Because in two years after graduation, I need to be searching for a job. And a job requires some training. And writing ability is differently measured when your background is in (Emile) Zola than zombies.

And while the program would be great if I planned to go full-time, I don't have the confidence to take that (very real, very big) financial risk.

However, at the Pennwriter's Conference I went to earlier this year, I sat in on Maria V. Snyder's workshop. She mentioned that she went back to school (at Seton Hill) after she was both full time and published several times. And that she benefited just as much from that order of doing things because she was approaching it with a different perspective and purpose. Which, I think, is pretty sage advice.

And something to keep in mind.

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