Friday, August 20

Tasty Little Bites

Posted by Shelly Holder

Mmmm, progress. It happens in tasty little bites, and you don't notice until you're full how much has been accomplished (eaten?).

I think this week has been a series of those Little Hostess mini muffins-- the blueberry kind in a lunchbox size pack. There's the surprise of the blueberry tartness, and the base note of the cakey sweetness, and overall fluffiness.

For one, my poem "Subconscious Answer" has been scheduled for publication October 19th on Yay! I have finally finished with revisions, and the editors and I are all happy. It's very different from how I initially conceptualized, but I think in the end that's a good thing.

Also, I added about 400 words to my first chapter. Not much, but considering I doubled the original (and total) word count, . . . . . haha.

And there were a few poems somewhere.

So it's little bites. Getting somewhere.

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