Sunday, May 16

Conference Weekend Special!: The End is Nigh

Posted by Shelly Holder

The first day I was a skittish, chapped lip mess.

The second day I spent entirely turned to the right, presenting only my profile to the speakers, even if I asked a question, because I went swimming the night before and had a clogged left ear I couldn't hear out of.

By the third day, I had caffeine overdose headaches (I HATE 8 am mornings, and this was my sixth in a row) and spent the entire class hour playing the 30 second Bejeweled demo on my phone over and over again on because I was just. that. damn. desperate. (pencil-cum-stylus in one hand and one hand clutching the handle of a coffee cup).

I love conferences, but I love leaving conference just as much. What starts out as an adventure buoyed by spastic adrenaline degenerates into the stupid-stubborn persistence of a wild-eyed animal backed into a corner-- twitching, growling, trembling, bristling, and rolling eyes with the whites showing.

Information overload is dangerous. Being brain-fried can be hazardous to others. General surgeon's warning: Avoid writers at closing ceremonies. They bite.

Now, I need time to process.

And get that finger away from me! If you don't, I'll...

*chomp, chomp, chomp*

(blink, blink) Whoops.

Write now:
What I'm listening to: Ouran High School Host Club anime (it's research. no, really, it's research)
What I want most: to got to bed. It's 8 pm. I'm pathetic.


Tamara said...

I hear you on the information overload. Every night at conferences it's good to decompress a bit. But it was such a great conference and really great meeting you. I hope to see you next year for the conference in Pittsburgh. I'll show you around the gorgeous city!

writinflower01 said...

It WAS a great conference, I really enjoyed the experience. I am planning to go next year, should schedule permit, and I would love the tour! Pittsburgh sounds so fun.