Thursday, April 29

It's That Time of Year

Posted by Shelly Holder

The dread word.

Finals. (*shudder*)

At least I have the excuse of a poetry portfolio to prepare for to get in those hours of poetry fix. On the other hand, I have the excuse of a poetry portfolio to prepare for to screw away 5 hours or so. Uhhhhhh, I mean...

Ahem. Anyways.

So I have 40 or so poems to do a final revision on and get printed. But this is amongst my other papers and finals, so Time. Management. Is. Key.

Also, Internet. Use. Must. Be. Limited.

But I really dislike that last sentence. Right now, I'm so starved for outside stimulation to offset the pressures of studying one subject for hours on end that my normal internet routine is not cutting it.

So I'm opening it up to comments. Where do YOU go for intellectual stimulation and/or wonder? What writing rejuvenation do you find out there on the web? Is there any author whose you have a blog-crush on, and who never fails to make you feel better?

1 comments: said...

A few simple games on line are where I go seeking rejuvenation. I don't think I get it there.
What works better for me on a day like today when I am not doing the writing I wanted to do is to match my energy with a task.
For me today that is to read and comment on blogs. Some days if I'm getting no where I read a book or if I'm really uptight I crochet or knit a little.

It always helps me focus on writing if I clear up all the loose ends of things I have hanging over me.

Best luck with all you have to do.