Tuesday, April 27

Hibernation: Me, the Muse, and My Memory

Posted by Shelly Holder

It's not winter, but the three M's of the post title seem to have forgotten (harhar!) that fact. Me? I'm in total reclusive mode because of the recently finished conference that I helped plan/coordinate/run at my campus, and haven't stirred from my bed (unless absolutely necessary; sometimes not even then) since it ended on Sunday. The Muse? Well, haven't heard from her in a while. She seems to be snuggled down in some cave, and everytime I activate the G.P.S. something happens and static washes across my monitor. And my memory...

Ah, my memory. I'm losing it-- totally, completely gone, and finals coming up next week.

NEXT WEEK!! Can you believe it? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! *tears out hair molecules by the root*

So many things to do. So many. Including back posting a couple of things, but really...

Voice of Reason: ... really, it ain't gonna happen, Shelly honey. Maybe it's okay to let a few things go....

Me: (*stubborn two year old*) No!

Voice of Reason: Shelly, honey, do you really think that you can handle all of finals while adding on low priority things like writing and blogging?

Me: LOW PRIORITY?!?!?!?!?!?!

Voice of Reason: (*exasperated*) I meant that relatively...

Me: Writing is my life! Writing is all I have! Finals mean nothing! Nothing! NUUUUUUUUUTHIN'!

Voice of Reason: (*exhausted*) You aren't going to be logical on this are you?\

Me: (*stubborn two year old*) No!

and so on and so forth.

Write Now:
What I'm listening to: Library!!! Finals!!! Madness!!! Shhhhhhhh!
What I want most: A Kahlua and hot stone massage. At the same time. Somewhere on the beach.