Tuesday, March 23


Posted by Shelly Holder


So. Post. Thinking. Yes. Thinking is good.

Um, writing. Posting about writing. Writing... writing is... writing is...



Post was not planned.

Usually I have a general preconception of what I want to talk about, and I think I had one for today, except, well-- I forgot it. So now, scrambled brain. Rambling post.

General Updates: More poems out. More poems written. SheWrites is generally BAMF. Academia today was pretty much BAMF. My downloading program is NOT! b.a.m.f. so I have over 5 hours to wait for my copy of Kuch Naa Kaho (one of my favorite bollywood films ever. I have a thing for Aishwarya Rai, just the same as I have a thing for Angelina Jolie... nobody else seems to like them, but I adore both. In some ways, I view them very similarly.)

Um, videos. We might as well talk about videos. These are some of my favorite movies, in no particular order:

1) The Invisible (alright well this one does happen to be my #1 favorite)
2) Mansfield Park
3) Sahara
4) Atlantis
5) Kuch Naa Kaho
6) North and South (no it's not a FILM, per se, but I count it anyways)
7) The Secret Garden
8) Hackers
9) Pride and Prejudice
10) You've Got Mail

There are others, but these come easiest to mind. And you know the strongest trend among all of these movies? Strong central romantic relationship.


I have turned out to be an incurable subconscious romantic. Lord help me now, I cannot preserve my cynical facade without strong binding glue and some metallic glue.

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: "Kuch Naa Kaho" title track
What I want most: this stupid movie to download faster!!!!!!.....


Anonymous said...

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Rachel said...

Oh man, you like The Invisible? That was a great movie! Yet I hadn't heard of anyone else who had seen it until now! High five.

writinflower01 said...

Awesome! I haven't found anyone who's seen it either! And you like it? Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsome!

mollyhill said...

What does B.A.M.F. mean? I am a new member of She Writes and just curious. I like the concept of your blog... unfortunately I am a new writer, and do not write poetry, so I can't offer too much advice on that front. But I would think something along the lines of "don't stress too much" would make sense. Since it sounds like you are in the early stages of getting published, I don't think having some of the work that you are not a huge fan of will knock you off your course. Just continue to push forward and your readers will see your true and best voice. Warm wishes!!

writinflower01 said...

ahahaha B.A.M.F. actually stands for bad-*ss mother f*cker. It wasn't a very genteel comment, so I made it an acronym instead. =)

Thank you very much for your comments!! I appreciate your visit and your thoughts.