Tuesday, December 1


Posted by Shelly Holder

Wells, I submitted a piece into a flash fiction contest today. Or rather, about 2.5 seconds ago. I think that it was my first piece that I have submitted to a contest that was not 1) a vanity press that I got suckered into (see website for more details) or 2) a campus contest. I'm proud but also slightly astounded that it's taken me this long to get to that point in my career.

Anyways, not focusing on the negatives. Focusing on the fact that I had written a tight little flash fiction piece about a month ago that I could submit today, on the last day of the contest, in the midst of finals. That teaches me that preparedness is a GOOD. THING. TO. HAVE.

I think the results come out in February or sometime similar in spring and far away. Cross your fingers that I win so I can re-coup the reading fee. (Gag me. I have to PAY to write? Isn't that counter-intuitive. But that's another blog post.)

Also, Columbia released it's summer 2010 list of creative writing classes. Oh nom nom nom.

Right now:
What I'm listening to: Nada at cette moment. (Yes, that was a combination French and Spanish phrase. Get over it.)
What I want most: More details on the Master Classes at Columbia. Whee!!!