Wednesday, December 2

Elegy to Old Friends

Posted by Shelly Holder

My pens are running out.

It's ridiculous really- most of these are very old (for pens, and ones belonging to a writer), and well past due for that running out point, but I feel that I am losing a few old and beloved friends. Especially during finals time, when the presence of a familiar object is comforting, I feel that trying to adjust to other pens is an effort, more than the excitement of new relationships that back-to-school shopping brings. At this point, there's no desire to branch out, no desire to experiment or have a fling, just for the heck of it. It's the continuity, the commitment that you look for to get you through these tough two weeks, and your most loyal friends are those favored pens.

But mine are dying out.

So goodbye, my beloved bright orange highlighter with the little flaggies. I will never forget our late nights with cultural anthropology.

And goodbye, loyal Z4+ roller-ball. I can truly say you made Life Writing bearable for me.

Farwell, sassy purple fountain pen. I did not know you long, but I can say that you had a lasting impression on my work.

And Mr. Yellow Brite highlighter-- you truly were my most efficient right hand man for all the various thing that I accomplish. I could not have checked them off my To-Do list without you.

You all will be very much missed!!!


Right now:
What I'm listening to: Pandora Radio- Christmas songs!
What I want most: Finals to be over, and replacement pens!


Rachel said...

I know what you mean! I get attached to pens too. Even free pens. I just get so used to them or like them so much that it's upsetting when they die, or even more so if I lose them. Ah well, there are certainly other pens. Identical ones, even (and you can't replace everything so well).