Tuesday, September 1


Posted by Shelly Holder

Today was the first meeting of critINK, the writing group that I'm founding on campus, and I am so excited!

I had a fairly large turn-out, considering the time and effort I spent on publicizing, and I got good reactions as well. Genuine interest, as well as a willingness to work together in creating the nature of our writing group. I was not leading the group, as I half-feared I would have to, but discussion lead the day.

However, I was asked to maintain a ... guiding presence via email, with prompts and tips and general interests. And I was so flattered to seen in that sort of role. As someone with knowledge and experience valuable enough to share with others.

I feel that the writing group is a natural extension what I am trying to accomplish here on this blog, and I know that I appreciate the opportunity to establish myself as an "authority" beyond an online (and usually annomyous) forum. I can directly link my growth as a writer to this blog, and the topics that I cover here. Not strictly about writing, not strictly fiction, not strictly business, but all about my passion and my love for writing. And with that, my confidence has grown exponentially because I have recognized within myself that I have a valuable contribution to make-- essentially that I have something to say, that others cannot offer (simply because of individual experience) and therefore that others cannot possibly take away from me-- and that sense of authority based on knowledge has given me much. critINK offers me the same premise.

On a less serious note, I have always wanted to expand this blog into certain areas that are simply just not conducive to this form-- a image based contest, such as Deadline Dames run, or interviews with authors-- because I do not have the readership (yet) to support such activities. But this group does lend itself towards such things, and I am really excited to try these opportunities out!

I hope that I will be able to contribute to the group, and that I will be able to provide the experience and familiarity of the writing "scene" necessary. Because really, that's a distilled version of what a writer does, n'est pas?

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