Tuesday, July 28

Tuesday Toss Up

Posted by Shelly Holder

Happy Tuesday everyone!

First, a shiny shiny to enjoy. I found a HMTL add-in from Crit Partner Match, and I thought that I would display it for all to see. Please enjoy, and come visit me!

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Today I thought I would share a few photos of things that I would love to buy to stock my hypothetical dream writing room. I don't have one yet, but the dream emerging is quite

Anyways, for the comfy couch, I would add these pillows to lean against when I am reading and surfing the web. I love the writing nature behind both, especially the post-card one. I love stationary and mail and writing and everything associated with these pillows.

I would love to decorated the entirity of my house around literarty themes, with old postcards and rescued typewriters and letters painted on the walls, such as in this photo:

I love that it is a definition wall that is the focal piece in the room. I would choose something else for my hypothetical writing room, or course, maybe something incouraging like persitance.

No, that would just make me more frustrated, actually. So maybe I should choose "apoplexy" instead. (*snicker*)

Anyways, years ago when I read Little Women by Lousia May Alcott for the first time, I loved the idea of Jo's writing hat. (Or was it a smock? Now I'm not so sure. It's been a while since I've re-read the book. Maybe I should make it a Christmas-time tradition. Anyways) In today's time, of course, I have no need for such a garment, but the idea of wearing a physical indication of my focus still enchants me. So perhaps I should invest in the world's smallest functioning quill pen and ink! I actually DO have a functioning quill pen that the Maternal Figure gave me for my last birthday, but this one would be a status symbol. However, it's sized for a necklace, so it would not be noticable at a distance, and I don't think it gets the same message across as Jo's hat.

So for my door, I think I'll invest in this sign! To warn all trespassers "Beware all Ye Who Enter Here!" As my friends at college well know, I have a thing for ketchup. =) And I can have a draconian nature at times, especially when I'm disturbed while writing...

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