Monday, July 13

I'm going to be a coding QUEEN!

Posted by Shelly Holder

Happy Monday everyone!

Since last week's HTML adventures went on so well, I thought I'd mess around with some more. And look what I found? On Debbie Ridpath Ohi's website (go check it out! Her comics are hilarious) I found this!


So I decided to participate. I'm already doing my own 500 words a day challenge, but with no accountability I usually forget. Therefore, I'm stepping it up! 1000 words, every weekday (weekends are great, but optional) and I have to post to the blog. If I make the thousand words, I get to post the big shiny badge. If not, I get nothing (actually, I should find a HTML add-in with a big fat fail or something. hmmmmmm)

And look for more shiny shiny updates to the blog and website. I've got the summer now to read and research and plan, so I'm determined to go further and further!

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: Nothing.
What I want most: To be professional.