Thursday, June 4


Posted by Shelly Holder

Ladies and gentlemen, I think it's back to the forms.

No seriously. I know I despise them. I know I put a verbal smackdown on them not long ago, but...

I need those forms.

Remember how I despise scraps? I despise scraps even more that I dislike forms, and I need to get rid of the scraps, and pronto. Therefore, I either type them all up, and let the computer store everything (bad idea- I've had my hard-drive wiped and I lost everything. NEVER doing that again.) Or I do it the time-honored paper way. Fine, for some of the scraps it works. For others? It drives me ape-shit crazy to try and organize four+ scraps, half pages, and/or diagrams with the same plot line.

Therefore, the form.

I actually had an idea to re-create my forms on this computer (the originals got wiped in the disastrous Hard-drive Murder of '07) but just, Ughhhhhhhhh! It took me forever to get the originals like I wanted them. I had plot outlines and character development and new project sketches.... Ugh. Just Ugh.

But the up- side to the whole thing! A bright shiny new idea came from it, so we'll see how this all goes. I might not rue the day that I went back to the forms.

Let us all hope.

Right Now:
What I'm listening to: "Stab My Back" by All-American Rejects
What I want most: that hard-drive that is lost forever. (*Cries*)