Thursday, January 1

New Year's Writing Wishlist

Posted by Shelly Holder

... A continuation of yesterday's post, but with more detail, and more blather. Somehow I wound up doing yard work today, and didn't sit down to plan a post in my newly returned writing calender. Only now the guilt is riding me, saying "How can you fail at your New Year's resolutions on January 2nd?!?!?!" Darn all consciences anyways. But here I am, back sore and morale duly chastised, ready and reporting for duty. So! Writing Wish List:

1) Magazines. Yes I know I'm obsessed. AND I know I wrote on this yesterday, but bear with me. Going to college means losing the simplicity of having a single home base. Now there are two addresses. Which one do you send the important stuff too? Going to college across the country has made the problem irreconcilable. What happens in the winter? The long three months of summer? But sending magazines home isn't profitable either. So thus far I've resisted subscribing to my favorites, denial and self-discipline which is causing angtsy, rebellious pressure. You know, Newton's Third Law ..."equal and opposite reaction"? So it overflows here in the blog. (Sorry) But I also do consider magazines important, not just time or money wasters. Writers are supposed to reflect the world we live in, whether by direct represention or through metaphorical or mirroring techniques. And the world is not limited to my perceptions or my experiences, but the sum of all humanity. As a writer, it is almost a need, a duty, to seek out the new, the exotic, the strange, or just simply the unfamilar so that my world is balanced and completed. So magazines are a good, voyaristic way into other perceptions of the world. Or maybe I should have chosen the word obsessions- magazines give each of us a peek into the obsessions, the over-whelming love that another has. I will never be as interested in fashion or photography as a fashion editor or a famous photographer, but through a magazine, I can, for a period of time, understand that interest. And one day, if I am called to, I can take that, and make my character be a fashion editor or a famous photographer realistically. I always joke how writing lets me have multiple careers, but in truth, through writing, I can have multiple careers, multiple ways of life, multiple perspectives. I like to think of it as having fingers in multiple pies, whether it be fashion or travel or photography or architecture or politics or...

2) Better music to write to. Right now my iPod is a rampant mess, with music that I haven't touched in 5-6 years, and much that I hardly recall downloading. But what I really want is great mood music. That doesn't always mean sad or serious, but also great bouncy music as well- just music to suit every modd and enhance emotions when the  subtle tone of a piece is barely grasped by the fingertips...

3) A single, organized, dedicated space that is singly and simply for writing. Nothing else. It will have all my materials there, and NO CLUTTER! I have a desk now, but I need a space for writing, not paying bills or answering letters or whatever else I seem to do with my time. The writing resource books all recommend something like this (come to think of it, all study tips including this as well, hmmmm) to enforce the mentality of being serious and working, but yeah.... I didn't do so well with the studying either hehehehehe.

4) Creating a porfolio. This isn't so much a wish list item but more of a to-do, but I would need to at least buy the portfolio part, so that's the half I'm wishing for. The stuff inside is another matter, and another post.

5) An external hard-drive, because I've lost all my notes once, and I'm NEVER doing that again. SO I fear putting anything on my computor, but that does seem to cut productivity in general as well, which is not the intended, or desired result.

There are more, but again, these are more to-do or personal goals, so I won't bore you or myself with pontificating on them. But I will write them down in my newly resotred calender, and maybe in fifty years a biographer will want to look it over. lol

Right now:
What I'm listening to: Kate Nash "Pumpkin Soup" (Which has nothing to do with Pumpkin Soup, so I'm a little confused...)
What I want most: Magazines, of course. Didn't we cover this?